Vinegret. Russian vegetarian salad

July 1, 2009 Salads
Russian vinegret
Vinegret [vee-nee-grate] is one of the traditional vegetarian Russian dish, usually Russians cook in on a New Year’s eve. The word Vinegret means mishmash. This salad is very simple but contains a less of calories,

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Russian holodets. Jellied minced meat.

July 1, 2009 Meat
Russian holodets

Holodets or Jellied minced meat

Have you ever heard about RussianHolodets” {kholoudets}? Usually each Russian family is cooking it at the New Year holidays, it’s some kind of a tradition to make the following 3 dishes

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Beware to drink with Russians :)

June 30, 2009 Drinks

“When you are drinking with Russian, he’ll definitely say that Russia is sucks, but be aware to agree with him! More likely he’ll kick your ass!” :)

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Facts about Russians

June 29, 2009 Drinks

Russians do not drink too much Vodka as you might have been heard before. Even in the northern (coldest) parts of Russia, I know it pretty sure as I have been living there for about 12 years. It’s not…

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