cottage cheese

cottage cheese pancakes recipe

In Russia we name them “syrniki” which means cheesy pancakes, but the main ingredient – cottage cheese Russians calls “tvorog” which is not a cheese actually. We eat “tvorog” with sour cream or jam on breakfast, it is very healthy and tasty. You can find a million of cottage cheese pancakes recipe with different ingredients …Read More


Russian pelmeni recipe

Pelmeni. You must be heard from your Russian friends that cooking traditional Russian pelmeni is more pain than a satisfaction.  But that’s not true. Russian pelmeni recipe involves only 2 steps: making the dough and making the filling. Well, assembling pelmeni is also a big step, but very interesting. Do not believe if anyone says …Read More


Blini pancake

Blini pancake also known as Russian blini (bliny). Pancakes but actually not exactly… Now here’s the recipe of blini pancake or traditional Russian blinchiki or bliny as promised. Blini pancakes or bliny (blini) Russians usually cook for breakfast and eat with sour cream or jam but blinis are also good as an appetizer .  In this …Read More

plov as I like it

PLOV. Unauthentic but delicious!

My Russian interpretation of Uzbek plov recipe. As you might heard, cooking the Uzbek plov is a complicated and food usually screw up. That is because it has a certain technique to it that must be practiced and mastered. However you can cook plov without any problems and taste will be pretty similar as traditional …Read More

Russian pancakes. Oladi

Russian pancakes. Oladi

Absolutely traditional Russian breakfast! Absolutely amazing taste! Cooking oladi will take no more than 10-15 minutes of your time but they worth every single minute! Nothing can be better on breakfast! Hot, just fried, soft inside and a bit crispy edge! It’s a best breakfast for you and your kids! Serve them with a sour …Read More

Just another cherry cake

Just another cherry cake

Do you know any Russian desserts? Or maybe Russian desserts recipe? I bet you know at least one of them! Just another variation on a sponge cake’s theme. It’s not exactly the classic “sponge cake” but still it’s awesome. You might be already know this recipe but we cook it in Russia as well. I …Read More

gough and grated cheese

Hachapuri. Cheesy boats

Hachapuri is a traditional Georgian dish. It’s not really traditional Russian dish however as you know Georgia was a part of a Soviet Union for a long time, our nations, culture and traditions are very closely related. In traditional Russian cuisine you can also find a Belorussian, Armenian, Ukrainian and many other ex-SU courses with …Read More

Meat in a baking sleeve

Meat with herbs and garlic in a baking sleeve

Take a look! What a lovely piece of pork! Do you know how beautiful porterhouse steak can be with a little salt, pepper and your favorite herbs? Mines are rosemary and thyme! They match perfect – pungent minty thyme with a light-lemon aroma and camphoraceous odour of rosemary! Absolutely delicious, no doubts! I cooked it …Read More